Interior in Raw Sienna, Grey and Violet, Oil on Linen, 25x35

Interior in Viridian and Blue, Oil on Linen, 25x35

Interior in Grey, Oil on Linen, 25x35

Interior in Orange and Grey, Oil on Linen, 25x35

Interior in Violet, Gold and Alizarin Crimson, Oil on Linen, 25x35

Interior in Green, Oil on Linen, 25x35 cm

Installation View, Correlative 2022

Installation View, Correlative 2022

Installation View, Correlative 2022

Installation View, Correlative 2022

Installation View, Correlative 2022

January 2022

Andrew Smaldone returns to SRISA gallery for his 3rd one-person exhibition: Correlative.

Significantly, for this show, Smaldone has purposefully focused on two subjects he has visited before in his career: architectural interiors and atmospheric color paintings.

The works in the exhibition were all painted together: in a manner where depictions of architectural interiors were worked on alongside paintings of solely atmospheric color. The aim of this working method is to study both the similarity and difference in the paintings; to compare and see the relationship between works that are also visually different. This procedure further cultivates the natural way in which the human mind tends to wander from one subject to the next, oftentimes without a linear logic.

Sometimes what occurs while attempting to depict the same painting twice or even three times is that they remain relatively similar in terms of subject matter but differ in their atmosphere and color. While at other times the paintings become different works altogether.

Surface and scale are other practical approaches the artist implements towards his goal. Using different surfaces changes the way each work is painted. This change of surface, in other words, provides a certain discontinuity of technique: some works have more painterly brush strokes, for example, while others implement a smoother sfumato style.

In the color works, the artist prepared the linen surface over a period of weeks before painting, while the small interiors are painted on readymade canvases bought directly from the store. Ultimately, Smaldone paints both subjects to cultivate the correlation of “both/and”. He believes that by exhibiting both interiors and abstractions in one exhibition, he can best render his interests in light, space, and color.

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